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What is the 3:15 Initiative all about? Please watch our video below

Click here for a PDF re-creation of the video's content

What are the basics of the 3:15 Initiative?

Given the current economic circumstances in South Africa, we believe it is necessary to increase our monthly support income. So this initiative aims to help us increase that support by at least 20%.
We are proposing three different options for how to be involved:

  1. We're asking all current individual monthly supporters to consider a $15 increase in monthly support. 

  2. We're aiming at adding 15 new monthly partners, of any amount.

  3. And finally, looking for 15 one-time gifts of any amount, with the aim to build up a reserve/travel expenses fund. 

Ministry Update Videos

We want you to be able to see all that God is doing here in Knysna and along the Garden Route, so every few days we will post another short video highlighting some aspect of life and ministry. So keep checking back here!

How can you get involved?


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