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Community engagement through fine arts will be a primary aspect of Knysna Hope to be established. The Garden Route Academy of Fine Arts will exist in two parts. First will be the preparatory academy. The great composer Johann Sebastian Bach said “the aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the satisfaction of the soul.” The academy will exist to instill that passion for music the same way that Bach once instilled in his students.  


The Academy will provide Knysna community members with personalized and group lessons in voice, piano and other instruments. Partnering with the local school system, the Academy will provide arts training and performing opportunities through choirs, orchestras, musicals, and plays that Knysna’s students would not normally have due to budget constraints. All curricula will be in accordance with the educational requirements of South Africa, and in time, the Academy will provide recognized college credits. Through the dynamic power of music, the Academy will engage each diverse community in Knysna, using each connection with students and their parents as an opportunity to show the love of Christ. 


The second aspect of the Garden Route Academy of Fine Arts will be the South Africa Institute of Christian Music, which will provide training and education for those wishing to serve God through church music, whether clergy or lay members. The Institute will provide private lessons on song leading, conducting, piano, voice, and other instruments and offer classes in church music theology, philosophy, and history; issues in contemporary church music life; and choosing and selecting quality Christian literature. The Institute will strengthen local churches not just in the Garden Route, but from across South Africa.